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In an increasingly connected global marketplace, positioning your brand or communicating your big idea effectively in English is a must.

TAILOR MADE WORDS is a new breed of English communication services for professionals whose first language is not English We’re not going to teach you the third conditional, or take you through page 65 of the coursebook — we’ve all been there and done that!

We’re here to work with you on your project — be it marketing your services, writing a scientific paper for publication or helping you get through those nerves of making a presentation.  We can help you write, communicate and speak in English.

Finding the right words isn’t easy, but TAILOR MADE WORDS is here to help. Transforming your ideas into natural, confident and fluid English we will help you attract the right clients, get your article published or secure funding for that incredible project.

Our services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Substantive editing & proofreading
  • Presentation coaching
  • Specialist English courses

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 An Australian born communication specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the academic, film and television and arts sectors, Sharon can help you communicate your big idea clearly and effectively in English.

Sharon is an experienced substantive editor with a proven track record, and has edited more than 80 scientific papers and  doctoral theses, in a wide range of subject matters including machining, industrial design, computing science, industrial management, logistics, innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also the author and presenter of the highly successful course – Publish or Perish: the definitive guide to writing and publishing a scientific paper in partnership with Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (Mondragon Unibertsitatea). More than 90% of the papers she has edited have been approved for publication in high ranking journals or conferences.

As the founder of TAILOR MADE WORDS Sharon brings more than 13 years’ experience as an English Teacher specialising in Business and Academic English. In that capacity she has written and delivered a number of specialist English courses including: Negotiating in English; Negotiation for Financial Managers; and Writing a Killer CV & Nailing a Job Interview.

Prior to moving to Spain in 2006, Sharon worked as a Communications and Industry Development Specialist for several arts and film industry organisations in Australia – undertaking industry research and needs analysis, organising marketing and audience development campaigns and developing a variety of training programs and resources.

Career highlights from this period are establishing an innovative program to reintroduce cinema to country towns, managing a Digital FX Traineeship Scheme (the first of its kind in Australia) in partnership with commercial companies, and producing a number of publications, fact sheets and written resources for filmmakers.

Sharon specialises in substantive editing of academic and corporate documents, copywriting for marketing and communication materials, designing tailor made courses for businesses, and coaching for presentations and PhD defences. Current clients include Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Petronor, Arantzazulab, Olaso Dorrea Fundazioa, Fundación Gizabidea, and Instituto de Máquina Herramienta (IMH). 


With an inquisitive mind and an eye for detail, Mafalda is well placed to join the team as Quality Manager in TAILOR MADE WORDS.  She brings to the role extensive experience in opening boxes, examining their content and making sure everything is in its place. Like her namesake, she has many opinions about everything.

Her skills include sitting on laps, keyboards, printers and important papers. She is also in charge of managing timetables and break times. Mafalda ensures that every job we do meets the strictest quality standards.



This last two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with the lovely people from Enpresagintza Fakultatea/Facultad de Empresariales – Mondragon Unibertsitatea as we’ve taken PUBLISH OR PERISH on tour! With the aim of writing a great scientific article and getting it published, we’ve worked on: ✦ writing and communicating clearly ✦ structuring a paper✦ highlighting your scientific contribution✦ common errors for …


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