The successful publication of research in scientific journals is the measurement of the academic worth of the researcher. Publishing at this level for non-native English speakers is challenging and requires specialist editing support. TAILOR MADE WORDS provides substantive editing services which can help you improve your chances of getting your article published or securing funding for that European project. 

Substantive Editing focuses on clear and effective communication and making the document functional for the reader. More than simply checking spelling, punctuation and grammar (which is also included in the service) a substantive edit takes into consideration the structure of the document as a whole and asks the following questions:

  • Does the document make sense in its entirety?
  • Is there a clear and logical development of ideas?
  • Is the information structured in a way that is immediately understandable to the reader?
  • Is all the necessary information included (and the irrelevant information deleted)?
  • Can a non-expert understand it?
  • Is the academic contribution of the author obvious?

The chances of a manuscript being accepted for publication significantly improve if the paper is easy to read and the contribution of the author is immediately identifiable. A funding application is more likely to be successful if the objectives and contribution of the project are well presented.

Say goodbye to being rejected on the basis of your English and contact us for help with your:

  • Scientific papers
  • Funding applications for European Projects
  • Theses and dissertations

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