What a journal editor expects to see in a literature review…

“Your literature review tells what others have found on your topic, provides a context to illustrate how the work documented in your paper advances scientific understanding, demonstrates that you are familiar with past and present thinking on your topic and that you understand where your work fits in the scientific landscape.”


Using first person pronouns in academic writing

One of the greatest myths of academic publishing is that everything has to be written in the passive. No “I”s or “WE”s allowed. Somehow that’s supposed to make things more academic, scientific and objective. It can however, lead to overly convoluted sentence structures and lack of clarity. My preference, ever in the pursuit of good communication is to favour active structures. But is there a rule?


Hello World!

Today marks the start of our little project. With hope, imagination and more than a little trepidation we step forward into the great unknown. From these humble beginnings we hope to be doing business with you for many years to come. Stick around, and we’ll keep you posted with the latest!